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Join us in Committing to the Safe Showing Pledge 

GCAR Members, I am Nicole Nezat, your 2020 GCAR President and local Broker.  

 With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in Mississippi, especially in some of our coastal counties, the Gulf Coast Association of REALTORS® wants to do their best to keep our communities and our members safe.

We are encouraging you to join us in committing to the Safe Showing Pledge.

This pledge outlines guidelines that follow our local and state recommendations to help to protect buyers, sellers, REALTORS®, affiliates, and our communities.

We have created several graphics that are available on our website (below) for you to share on your social media with the hashtag #GCARSafeShowingPledge to show your commitment.

So, please join me in committing to the Safe Showing Pledge. Thank you!

Nicole Nezat

Safe Showing Pledge 7 27

Share On Your Social Media 

We encourage you to promote your commitment to Safe Showing in your marketing and on social media. Below are graphics you can download to use on Facebook and Instagram in conjunction with the #GCARSafeShowingPledge hashtag. Also, a special frame can be found on Facebook for you to use on your profile photo. 

JPG Facebook Safe Showing Pledge

PNG Facebook Safe Showing Pledge

JPG Instagram Safe Showing Pledge

PNG Instagram Safe Showing Pledge

JPG Instagram or Facebook Stories

JPG Full Page Flyer Safe Showing Pledge

PDF of Full Page Flyer Safe Showing Pledge


Instructions to Add a Facebook Profile Photo frame:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Hover over your Profile Photo (the smaller circular or square photo on your page)
  3. Click “Update” when it appears
  4. Choose “Add a Frame”
  5. You can search by name for a frame. Our frame is titled “GCAR Safe Showing Pledge"
  6. Choose your frame. While in preview, you can adjust your Profile Photo, or even choose a different photo.
  7. Important! Click “Use as Profile Photo” to save. You can also choose how long you want to use the frame.

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